400 TPD Water Treatment Sludge Gasification

This effort included developing a comprehensive independent engineering report to assess a biosolids-only downdraft gasification system. The gasification system is located in a repurposed building adjacent to a local sewage authority. It will reduce the volume of waste biosolids from 400 tons per day to 22 tons of beneficial biochar. The biochar will be beneficially used as a substitute for fly ash in concrete. The renewable energy generated from the system is then recovered and used within the system, so no fossil fuels are used during normal operations. The independent engineering team reviewed the design's technical merits, the planned capacity and product quality, the proposed project execution strategy, and the necessary permits to construct and operate the facility. The project team evaluated the technical, operational, execution, financial, and other business aspects of the project and identified each risk. Multiple rounds of review between the evaluation team and the client's design and development team resulted in the supply and review of additional information, which led to revisions of both the project scope and the report.

New Jersey, USA
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