150MW Hydrogen Production Facility

This project included front-end engineering services and project development support for a hydrogen production facility with 150MW electrolyzer capacity. A preliminary system mass and water balance was performed. This project included integrating electrolyzer systems, gas management systems, a hydrogen storage yard, water pretreatment (RO, Deionization), and posttreatment (wastewater). The FEED package included a basic project schedule, order-of-magnitude (OOM) project cost estimate, operating cost estimate, block flow diagram, major equipment list, site layout drawing, and permitting analysis. An initial set of fire protection requirements were identified and applied to the site, utilizing NFPA codes to identify proper separation distances between key flammable commodities. Electricity costs were calculated (kWh/kg hydrogen produced) as well as other important metrics to help understand costs and the relationship between the production tax credit (PTC), investment tax credit (ITC), and overall project feasibility.

Services Performed
FEED Package
Team Members Involved
RL Simpson, PE
Daniel Deery, PE, SE
Drew Carter, PE
Shawn Parmelee, PE
Isaac Smith
Nick Remeta, PE
Scott Chipman
J.R. Stanley
Natalie Whitaker
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