Our Name

What's An Isomer?

Isomers are molecules with the same molecular formula but different structures. Therefore, isomers contain the same number of atoms for each element, but they are built differently. Despite having the same molecular formula, the physical properties of the molecule can be radically different.  

An isomer is a great metaphor for our business. Even though we have built our business by tapping into much of the same talent pool as other EPC firms, we have structured our organization in a much more modern, technology-based, and employee-friendly way. Because of these differences we deliver better results than our competitors despite being built from the same “elements”.

So Why Did We Build Isomer Project Group?
Isomer Project Group was founded on a simple principle:
There must be a better way to execute infrastructure projects.

When developers go to the marketplace looking for someone to help them design and manage their projects they are met with two options. The first is a list a mile long of traditional EPC firms who employ thousands of people and bill by the hour with no incentive to improve their execution efficiency or adopt new technologies. The second option is a revolving door of advisory firms who are a lot better at telling people what they should do than getting it done.

We offer a different option. An option that harnesses people with the right blend of experience and fresh ideas, adds a little new technology to enhance execution efficiency, and delivers a mindset that is focused on one thing - bringing your idea to life.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Managing Partner
Matt Ninnemann
Managing Partner
RL Simpson, PE
Daniel Deery, PE, SE
John Hoppe, PE
Nick Remeta, PE
Director of Business Development
Tyler Smith, MBA
Senior Designer
Kyle Barnett
Staff Engineer
Drew Carter, PE
Project Engineer
Scott Chipman
Project Manager
Nick Ciulla, PE
Senior Project Engineer
Jon Colberg, PE
Senior Project Engineer
Ben Huffer
Project Engineer
James Martzin
Senior Project Engineer
Shawn Parmelee, PE
Project Engineer
Isaac Smith
Project Engineer
J.R. Stanley
Project Engineer
Natalie Whitaker
Office Manager
Ana Wolfe

THe experience of the best EPC organizations with

the fresh ideas and passion of a tech startup

Our Way Is Better

What the Industry Says About Us

"I enthusiastically endorse Isomer Project Group from project development and viability through final execution. Successful project ventures are built on sound and timely decision-making and this team's experience coupled with their integrity and intellectual honesty allow ownership to trust that their investment is in safe hands."
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"During my experience working with Isomer on several complex projects, they seamlessly managed a diverse group of subcontractors and engineers while focused on the vision of the client to deliver a successful project. They are budget focused and communicate in a manner that provides a high level of comfort. I highly recommend them."
"Matt is a team player who was able to coordinate a mutli-discipline team to meet both the project and the owner's needs. His focused but courteous approach ensured the timely completion of our complex, $320 million international chemical greenfield project."
"Matt is a very customer focused and forward-thinking professional with a pragmatic but energetic approach to project development. The services offered by Isomer Project Group are well supported by his experience and capabilities and I endorse his work without hesitation."