2,000 MTPD Semi-Dry Cement Plant Modernization

This effort included the detailed design and project management for a $100 million, 2,000 MTPD Semi-Dry Cement Plant Modernization at an existing facility in Oklahoma to increase manufacturing capacity to approximately 700,000 metric tons of cement annually. The new pyroline was designed to meet the new NESHAP emission limits, increase capacity, and improve operational performance. The new pyroline included a single-stage preheater tower with gas conditioning and baghouses, as well as a kiln, clinker-cooler, retrofitted existing clinker silo penthouse, and several transport conveyors with support infrastructure. The plant reuses more than 3 million scrap tires a year to power its facility as a supplemental fuel, in addition to conventional power sources. The project included an aggressive schedule with itemized engineering work package completion requirements that were met by the design team.

Oklahoma, USA
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Detailed Design
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Daniel Deery, PE, SE
Nick Ciulla, PE
Shawn Parmelee, PE
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