Danville Utilities 10.5 MW Battery Energy Storage System

This effort included the detailed design and construction support for a $6 million battery energy storage system (BESS) project for the city utility. The greenfield facility consisted of eight (8) battery storage containers (10.5 MW total) fed to four (4) transformers. Each pair of transformers was fed through a metered switch, which allowed the city to monitor the feed through two points of interconnect. The Isomer design included civil, structural, and electrical engineering to provide all the support necessary for the permitting and construction of the battery system. Deliverables included a land disturbance permit, stormwater management report, permit and construction drawings and specifications, and as-built drawings. In addition to detailed design and construction support, Isomer was also responsible for technical bid evaluations for the electrical equipment and coordinating all aspects of the design with the city to meet their specifications and permit requirements.

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Virginia, USA
Services Performed
Detailed Design
Team Members Involved
Daniel Deery, PE, SE
Kyle Barnett
Nick Remeta, PE
Shawn Parmelee, PE
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