1MM Gallon Molten Sulfur Tank Installation

This effort included detailed design engineering to install a new 1-million-gallon molten sulfur tank and supporting piping, electrical, and structural at an existing sulfuric acid production facility. The design included the new molten sulfur tank specification, internal steam heating coil, and coordination of the external contra-trace tank heating. Existing piping delivered molten sulfur from a rail unload station to an existing tank, and a new steam-jacketed header was tied into the current line to provide sulfur to the new tank. All steam supply and condensate return piping was connected to the existing steam/condensate systems. The new tank venting system was designed to alleviate past venting issues and connected to the existing vent system. In addition, a new support structure was added between the two tanks to support piping between the existing pipe bridge and the new tank. An existing MCC powered all new electrical demands created as part of the project.

Florida, USA
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