6500 BPD Renewable Diesel Production

This effort included the FEED, detailed design, permitting, and construction support for a 6500 BPD Renewable Diesel Plant, utilizing Haldor Topsoe technology. The project converted an existing ethanol plant to a renewable diesel production facility, using DCO and Raw Beef Tallow as feedstock. Existing air, chemical, raw water treatment, and wastewater treatment systems were refurbished and reused as part of the new plant. Existing storage tank farms were also recommissioned to store fat and finished fuels. The Renewable Diesel facility required the addition of a Crown fat pretreatment system, Haldor Topsoe Hydroflex Renewable Diesel Unit (RDU), Haldor Topsoe HTCR unit, sour water treatment system, HCl water wash system, a plant flare system, cooling towers, and two 40K PPH utility boilers. Existing MCC rooms and controls were reused as much as possible. A new MCC building was included to support the new additions of the RDU, HTCR, Flare, and Sour Water systems.

Kansas, USA
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