New Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Critical Lift Planning

This effort included detailed design and construction oversight of all heavy critical lifts required to construct one of the world’s largest simple cycle gas turbines and its associated components. Over 20 critical lifts were designed and overseen on-site for pieces weighing up to 210,000lbs, including stacks, PDC’s and ductwork. Detailed design included the design of all rigging and matting, verification of crane reach and capacity, and stability checks for both single and tandem crane lifts. The team coordinated the joint efforts of superintendents, owner’s representatives, OEM personnel, and safety supervisors to quickly deliver safe lift plans for the complex critical lifts. Through the new streamlined communication plan and a sustained site presence, the team was able to help the project recover 3+ weeks of schedule slip resulting in significant cost savings for critical equipment and labor.

North Carolina, USA
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Nick Ciulla, PE
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