Paper Machine Drives Replacement

This effort included front-end engineering, detailed design, and on-site construction support for replacing motors and drives for a lineshaft-driven paper machine. All DC motors and drives on the paper machine and fan pump were replaced with AC motors and drives lineups. PIVs on the lineshaft were replaced with AC motors and drives. Pneumatic control panels were installed at each differential location. A new substation was installed to feed two of the four new drive lineups. An automatic transfer switch and power panel were installed to replace an obsolete UPS system to feed the control system to provide increased reliability. Extensive benchboard modifications were done to install new HMIs for the drive system, including entire benchboard replacements in some locations. Finally, a new HVAC system was installed in the existing electric center where the drive lineups were located.

Georgia, USA
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Kyle Barnett
Nick Remeta, PE
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