Paper Machine Restart

This effort included the FEED package, detailed design, and construction support for restarting an existing Paper Machine and supporting systems at a legacy mill. The existing Paper Machine and the associated brown stock prep systems and OCC systems had been shut down for several years at the site. This project refurbished all related systems and restarted the paper machine for full design production in a span of eleven months. Upgrades were performed on the machine, and existing Stock Prep and OCC equipment was either refurbished or replaced. All of the Paper Machine MCC rooms were upgraded to meet new corporate specifications. New HVAC units, H2S monitoring systems, and pressurization units were installed in each existing MCC and the new MCC located in the PM2 building. Steam systems and building ventilation systems were also upgraded. Much of the OCC piping was upgraded and replaced to provide a more efficient installation.

Oklahoma, USA
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Drew Carter, PE
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