Textile Recycling Project Technical Due Diligence

A private investment firm contracted Isomer to perform a red flags analysis and technical due diligence of a brownfield project installing an $80M demonstration facility for processing 100% non-wood cellulosic feedstock. The project's first phase included scaling up a pilot plant pulping process into an existing 75,000+ square foot building. The second phase added a separate downstream process that created additional products and blends from the recycled cellulosic pulp. The project plan was to integrate the process into the existing facility and modify the building (structure, foundation, fire protection, etc.) to accommodate the new equipment. During the review, Isomer identified issues and risks relevant to the project's success that were deemed significant and needed attention/mitigation. These items included oversights in categories such as CAPEX/OPEX costs, safety, design considerations, and project execution/management strategy.

Southeast, USA
Services Performed
Due Diligence
Team Members Involved
John Hoppe, PE
Nick Remeta, PE
RL Simpson, PE
Drew Carter, PE
James Martzin
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