48MW Biomass Fired Boiler & Microgrid

This scope consisted of multiple layers of support for the re-development of a 48 MW biomass-fired power plant that had been moth-balled in the middle of the initial construction process. As the project found new life...

15K TPY Ag-Pulp Molding Facility

This project included front-end engineering and project development support for a brownfield non-wood ag-based pulping and molding facility. The facility was designed to provide a finished product capacity of 15,000 bone-dry metric tons per year...

450K TPA Wood Pellet Plant

Front-end engineering and project development support for a 450,000 TPA greenfield wood pellet plant. Roundwood and residuals were used for feedstock. Facility included rotary drying, rail and truck loadout capability.

1400 BPD Renewable Fuel Production

This effort included the detailed design, permitting, and construction support for the balance of plant (BOP) systems on a 1400 BPD facility converting woody biomass into renewable fuels.

Dust Hazard Analysis of Manufacturing Process

This effort included the review of process drawings, on-site facilitation of dust hazard analysis using a what-if method, as well as review of applicable NFPA standards for a wood-products facility.

150K TPY Residuals Wood Pellet Plant

This effort centered around providing early-stage project development services for a brownfield wood pellet plant rated at 150,000 metric tons per year. Residuals from nearby sawmills made up all of the feedstock used for this project. ..