Dairy Farm Anaerobic Digester Portfolio

This effort included detailed engineering on a four project Anaerobic Digestion to biogas program with site locations in Georgia and California. The facilities were located on existing dairy farms of approximately 12,000 cows each, processing roughly 750 tons of dairy manure per day to produce 750 CFM of biogas. The projects included manure screening and handling, digestion via concrete hydrolyzer and earthen lagoons, and gas upgrading before pipeline injection. A combined heat and power (CHP) unit was incorporated to supply 90+% of the facility power. An owner provided heat and material balance was used to develop a detailed P&ID package to finalize scope definition for the projects. Each of the scopes were very similar, but with subtle differences in manure supply or byproduct removal. Once P&IDs were solidified, the design team produced civil, structural, architectural, piping, HVAC, and electrical deliverables for use by the sole-source contractor for construction.

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