8MM GPY Cellulosic Ethanol Bio-Refinery

This effort included the detailed design engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for the nation’s first commercial scale bio-refinery to produce cellulosic ethanol from waste, a $130 million project that generated 8 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol from yard and wood waste each year. The facility uses a hybrid thermochemical-fermentation process to continuously convert vegetative and wood waste into fuel, heat, and power, some of which goes back into the grid. The conversion process, from the time the biomass enters the gasifier to the production of ethanol—takes less than ten minutes. The facility included raw material handling, gasification, waste heat recovery, fermentation, distillation and dehydration, steam turbine generator, and associated utilities. In addition to the detailed design, on-site construction support was provided for the EPC project.

Florida, USA
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Daniel Deery, PE, SE
John Hoppe, PE
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