1400 BPD Renewable Fuel Production

This effort included the detailed design, permitting, and construction support for the balance of plant (BOP) systems on a 1400 BPD facility converting woody biomass into renewable fuels. The plant received processed wood into a chip pile with a reclaimer and was further hogged on-site to match the required chip size for the gasification system. The project utilized various technologies for the key process of gasification, syngas processing, hydrotreating, and sulfur removal. The greenfield site required its own power production, using an HRSG and 21 MW steam turbine. In addition, a 15MW gas turbine generator provided startup and supplemental power. Balance of plant systems for wood handling, cooling water, nitrogen generation, oxygen generation, flare, product storage, and rail loading were also installed, along with new MCC buildings and plant control systems.

Oregon, USA
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Drew Carter, PE
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