Biomass To RNG Portfolio Due Diligence

A private equity firm contracted Isomer to complete technical, project execution, financial, and operational evaluations on 19 sites for a company producing renewable natural gas (RNG). At each location, raw biogas is collected from anaerobic digesters and waste lagoons, sweetened, compressed, and loaded into tube trailers for transporting to pipeline injection sites. The study included reviewing the suppliers and technology utilized, ensuring sufficient engineering documentation, and evaluating the mobile pipeline infrastructure. Technical reviews covered feedstock reliability, equipment selection, process controls, fire protection, site safety, emissions, and electrical classifications. Financial studies consisted of evaluating the commercial plans for each site and confirming planned EBITDA, focusing on feedstock and offtake agreements. In addition, Isomer performed technical evaluations of an existing pipeline extraction site and pipeline injection point.

Southeast, USA
Services Performed
Due Diligence
Team Members Involved
Isaac Smith
Drew Carter, PE
Natalie Whitaker
J.R. Stanley
RL Simpson, PE
Scott Chipman
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