3000 TPY Rolled Stainless Steel Products Expansion

Front-end engineering for adding a 3,000 TPY rolled ornamental stainless steel, the high-frequency production line at an existing rolled tubes production facility. The new production line primarily consisted of equipment decommissioned and stored in the previous decade. The line utilized the decommissioned equipment and augmented new machinery to expand capabilities. Isomer worked with equipment manufacturers to develop budgetary pricing and layout information to support the development of a complete project scope, schedule, and budget. The team worked with a contractor to create a comprehensive inventory checklist to support a qualitative evaluation of the existing equipment and identify missing or damaged components. Isomer developed a utility study based on a facility-wide site investigation and identified deficits and excess capacity. A conceptual layout, study report, and budgetary pricing were supplied to the Owner to support further project development.

Pennsylvannia, USA
Services Performed
FEED Package
Team Members Involved
Nick Ciulla, PE
Daniel Deery, PE, SE
Nick Remeta, PE
Kyle Barnett
RL Simpson, PE
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