Anson County Landfill RNG Facility

This effort included the detailed design, permitting, and construction support for a renewable natural gas facility (RNG) co-located at the Anson County Landfill in Polkton, North Carolina. Landfill gas (LFG) is extracted, processed, and converted to RNG at this facility. The major components include compression and dehydration, H2S treatment, carbon polishing, metering, truck loading, utilities, and the natural gas pipeline tie-in. The plant is designed to be powered using the LFG itself and run independently from the grid. The Isomer design included civil engineering services to provide the support necessary for permitting and constructing the RNG facility. Engineering deliverables included stormwater management design, SWPPP development, permit and construction drawings, and specifications.

Landfill Group, LLC
North Carolina, USA
Services Performed
Detailed Design
Team Members Involved
Shawn Parmelee, PE
Daniel Deery, PE, SE
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