Facilities Fleet Due Diligence

The scope of the due diligence included a comprehensive structural inspection and report for a fleet of 15+ production and distribution facilities, working to identify immediate risks to market supply. Team members performed individual site inspections and reviewed existing documentation to aid the assessment effort. A wide variety of structural and process assets were evaluated, some of which exceeded 100 years in age. The team leveraged knowledge of historical industry and construction practices to augment data gained from visual inspection. Isomer worked alongside owner and OEM representatives to produce a detailed report that included recommendations for long-term CAPEX planning and short-term maintenance solutions. Despite an aggressive project timeline, the team completed the due diligence report within the allotted time frame and budget allowance.

Services Performed
Due Diligence
Team Members Involved
Nick Ciulla, PE
Daniel Deery, PE, SE
John Hoppe, PE
Shawn Parmelee, PE
Kyle Barnett
Tyler Smith, MBA
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