100% Recycled Linerboard Machine

This effort included the detailed design, procurement, and construction support for a $300 million brownfield, 100% recycled (OCC) linerboard machine installation and supporting infrastructure. The new machine is one of the most technologically advanced machines in North America, producing 400,000 tons per year of high performance lightweight medium and liner. The design included all engineering disciplines necessary to produce premium and back ply linerboard parent rolls. This fast-tracked, design-build project featured an aggressive schedule and budget and required interfacing the new linerboard machine building between 3 existing buildings and coordinating procurement and construction contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to engineering services, procurement and construction support were also provided, including lump sum bid package development and bid evaluation.

Ontario, Canada
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Detailed Design
Project Management
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Daniel Deery, PE, SE
Nick Ciulla, PE
James Martzin
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